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Chosing a Laser Centre

This is a question that every patient asks when considering laser treatment. There are several things to consider...

- Is the treatment medically sound? Will I be able to have a personalized follow-up?
- What is the level of skill, experience and specialized laser training of the medical team that will treat me ?
- Are the treatments performed by doctors or delegated to assistants? Is the technical platform sufficiently well-equipped and versatile to provide the laser best suited to my skin? Is the equipment under maintenance contract?
- Do the doctors have a reputation for punctuality? How is the reception staff?

Things that must always be kept in mind:

- In France, laser treatment is a medical procedure. This means that it is reserved for doctors and is performed entirely under their responsibility.

- There are several categories of lasers. Class-4 lasers are exclusively reserved for medical use. Although some other pieces of equipment are not included in this category, for example, certain flashlamps (IPL), they are nevertheless powerful. They may cause major side effects if they are not handled with prudence. This is why it is important to be sure of the qualifications and skill of the practitioner who will treat you.

At the Centre Laser Sorbonne you are certain to be treated by a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors who are specialized in laser technology and who never delegate laser treatments to assistants.

To make an initial consultation with one of our doctors, contact the Centre Laser Sorbonne in Paris at +33 (0)1 53 10 10 01.

This consultation will give you the opportunity to tell us what you expect from laser treatment and to receive clear, medically precise answers to any questions you ask.

It will also be an important opportunity for the doctor who speaks with you to identify any possible counter-indications. The doctor will also explain which laser techniques are the best suited to your case. Depending on your skin and the treatment planned, he or she may suggest that you take a free test in order to evaluate your reaction to laser treatment.

Finally, in accordance with French law concerning esthetic medical procedures, the doctor will as a matter of course give you an informed consent form and, eventually, your first appointment.