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Skin Couperose & Telangiectasia laser treatment

Skin Couperose & Telangiectasias
Skin couperose, also known as broken capillaries, is a common chronic skin condition affecting 15% of the population. It causes inflammation and redness of the face, with tiny visible blood vessels. It is usually found on the cheeks and nose, but sometimes also on the forehead and chin.

How to Treat your Couperose by Laser

Several types of vascular lasers:
- pulsed dye lasers, the KTP or most recently the Nd:YAG LP 1064 may be used to treat skin couperose - The use of flashlamp (IPL) also yields favorable results in certain cases

The choice of equipment will be made by the doctor depending on the lesions to be treated and on your skin type.

A Typical Couperose Laser Session

Each session lasts twenty to thirty minutes on the average. The treatment often requires several sessions scheduled four to six weeks apart.
Protective eyewear must be worn by both the patient and the doctor during the session.
The doctor carefully sweeps the area containing the blood vessels with a pen-type handpiece or a scanner, depending on the lesion to be treated.
A healing cream may be applied to the skin at the end of the session.

Couperose Laser Treatment : Potential Counter-Indications

- A skin lesion located in the area to be treated:
- Tanned skin
- Phototypes 5 and 6
- An outbreak of inflammatory rosacea
- A history of keloids
- Pregnancy constitutes a counter-indication as a matter of principle.

After your Couperose Laser Session …

An erythema and a hot sensation occur immediately. A slight edema, and temporary blanching are visible around the treated area. Tiny scabs frequently appear two days after a session. They must not be removed.
In rare cases, hypo- or hyper-pigmentation may be observed in the weeks following treatment; this eventually disappears.
The treated area must not be exposed to the sun for a month following treatment without sunblock.

Couperose Laser Treatment Cost

Your first appointment will be a medical consultation and will be invoiced 45 € TTC.
The price of one session depends on the size and number of lesions treated.
It usually varies from 120 to 180 €.

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