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Indication about CryoLipolysis

LipoContrast DUO® is recomanded to treat localized fat reduction within a selective and noninvasive procedure. Patients often have a weight close to normal.
Sometimes they have successfully completed a Dukan diet type and retained the beads as resistant to diet with regular physical exercise.

Here you will find examples of patients who meet treatment by LipoCryo®.

Good indications for LipoContrast DUO®

localized fat :

  • Mainly in the size of the abdomen, flanks and the lower back
  • In some cases, arms and saddlebags
  • Generally the best responders (male or female) to this treatment are patients with normal weight or overweight which is not greater than 10% compared to normal
  • BMI (Body Mass Index) is a significant information.
  • Exemples for LipoContrast DUO®

    Examples of non-responders

    • Excessive fat :

    • insufficient fat :