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Remodeling and non-Ablative resurfacing

The treatment known as "non-ablative" remodelling is a recent technique offered as an alternative to resurfacing for reducing fine lines and improving the tone of the dermis.

This treatment is well suited for the areas most subject to skin aging: the face, neck, upper chest and back of the hands. Remodelling is a non-invasive and pain-free method. It involves heating the dermis while cooling the epidermis in order to stimulate natural collagen and elastin production. It results in improved skin tone.

Non Ablative Remodelling Treatment

At the Centre Laser Sorbonne we have chosen the ARAMIS remodelling laser from Quantel Medical, which also makes it possible to slow down the wrinkling process.

Because of its very specific wavelength (1540 nm) and its built-in cooling system, this new laser passes through the epidermis, causing no damage, to stimulate the fibroblast cells, which produce collagen and elastin. The treatment is intended for women as well as men.

Results include a regained skin tone and a firming effect, caused by a significant thickening of the dermis. The skin is "re-meshed," so to speak.

This treatment is an extension of a natural skin regeneration process. It may be used on all phototypes at any time of the year, including tanned skins.

For deeper wrinkles the doctor will probably recommend "fractional micro-ablative resurfacing" using the Pixel 2940 nm of the HARMONY platform from Alma Lasers.

A Typical Non Ablative Laser Session

Centre Laser Sorbonne : remodelling laser Er : Glass 1540 nm

The patient wears metal goggles to protect the eyes, and the doctor a pair of appropriate glasses.

The treatment generally requires four or five sessions spaced one month apart. Each session is brief, only about thirty minutes for the face.

A maintenance session is recommended once or twice a year. The doctor of the Centre may recommend alternating photorejuvenation and remodelling, following a schedule determined at your first visit.


Remodelling Potential Counter-Indications

An active skin infection in the area to be treated A suspicious skin lesion must be tested dermatologically before treatment.

- Collagen irregularities
- The use of photosensitive medications
- The use of isotretinoin-based medications
- Pregnancy constitutes a counter-indication as a matter of principle.

After Your Non Ablative Remodelling Session …

The sessions are not painful and at most result in some redness caused by the cold. This disappears within hours. No mark is left on the skin.

Unlike ablative techniques, remodelling allows you to resume your normal activities immediately after each session.

Non Ablative Aramis Laser Treatment Cost

Your first appointment will be a medical consultation and will be invoiced 45 € TTC.
Depending on the number of areas treated and their size, a session varies in price from 150 to 330 €.

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