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Spider Veins

Spider veins are permanent dilations of the intradermal venules of the lower limbs.

Spider veins Centre Laser Sorbonne {JPG}There are various types:
- Blue veins with a diameter of 0.5 mm-2 mm
- Red veins with a diameter of less than 0.5 mm

Certain veins run parallel to the skin surface, while others enter deeply into the hypodermal system or even the intramuscular system.

The YAG LP 1064 nm laser is currently the most performing laser to treat red and blue spider veins.

Spider Vein Laser Treatment

Laser treatment can be undertaken only after an examination of the veins to confirm that they are isolated.

It is sometimes necessary to perform an echo-Doppler test on the veins of the lower limbs. When this test detects a reversal of direction of the blood in major vein stems, the initial treatment will have to concentrate on this.

An examination will also be performed beforehand to determine the existence of one or several feeding veins of the spider veins. They will be treated by microsclerosis.

Vascular lasers yield particularly good results on superficial spider veins, which are quite red and occur in the form of patches or fine and dense spots.

Because of their diameter, less than 0.3 mm, they are inaccessible to even the finest needles used in microsclerosis (30 G ½).

There are several different types of vascular lasers appropriate for the treatment of spider veins. At the Centre Laser Sorbonne in Paris we have chosen to principally use the KTP Viridis Derma laser from Quantel Medical, whose Multipulse technology gives improved results for this type of lesion, and the Nd:YAG LP ACCLAIM from Cynosure.

The parameters (wavelength and pulse length) will be determined by the doctor depending on the lesions observed at your first appointment at the Centre.

The wavelength - 1064 or 532 nm - targets the absorption of oxyhemoglobin contained in the red globules. The desired effect is one of selective photocoagulation. The laser beam goes through the skin without damaging it, to coagulate the red globules in the blood vessel.

The pulse length will be selected depending on the size of the blood vessel, as well as the therapeutic result desired.

Spider Vein Laser Procedure

Centre Laser Sorbonne: Spider Veins treatment

Each session lasts an average of twenty to thirty minutes.
The treatment often requires several sessions spaced four to six weeks apart.
Protective eyewear must be worn by both the patient and the doctor.

The doctor follows the path of the veins with a pen-type handpiece.
A hot, prickly sensation is felt during the treatment.
A healing cream is applied to the treated area immediately after treatment.

Spider Veins Laser Treatment Counter-Indications

- A skin lesion located in the area to be treated
- Evidence of a venous insufficiency requiring prior treatment
- Phototypes 5 and 6
- Pregnancy constitutes a counter-indication as a matter of principle

After Your Spider Vein Laser Session …

An erythema is always observed, as well as a hot sensation.

A slight edema, and temporary blanching are visible around the treated area. Tiny crusts frequently occur as of the second day.

These scabs result from the coagulation of proteins in the epidermis and disappear in a few days without leaving a scar. They must not be removed.

If phlyctena appear they indicate a burning of the skin calling for a modification of the laser’s parameters.

In rare cases a temporary hyper-pigmentation may be observed. This side effect may persist for several months and will increase in the case of sun exposure. On dark phototypes a temporary hypo-pigmentation may occur.

In all cases, the treated area must not be exposed to the sun in the month following treatment.

The cost of your Spider Vein Laser Treatment

Your first appointment will be a medical consultation and will be invoiced 45 € TTC.

Depending on the length of the session and the size of the area treated, the session price will vary from 120 to 180 €.

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