Centre Laser Sorbonne : The Paris Laser Center ! - Only by Certified Doctors - call 01 53 101 001 -

The Centre Laser Sorbonne

Located in the heart of a historic Parisian neighborhood (at the corner of the rue Saint-Jacques and the rue Gay-Lussac), the Centre Laser Sorbonne is equipped with the most up-to-date technology in the field of esthetic, dermatological and vascular lasers.

The Centre Laser Sorbonne offers one of the best-equipped technical platforms in Paris. Its versatility allows the Centre’s doctors to select the laser best suited to your skin and to the treatment you desire in order to obtain maximum effectiveness in condition of optimal safety.

At the Centre Laser Sorbonne all laser procedures are performed exclusively by doctors (dermatologists, esthetic and vascular specialists) with degrees in laser technology.

They regularly practice laser treatment and are specially trained to use the Centre’s technical platform Laser treatments are never delegated to assistants, and follow-ups are conducted by the same doctor who performs the treatment. Most members of our medical team and reception staff speak English.

Our approach to laser technology guarantees you professionalism, safety, effective results and personalized follow-ups.

  • If you are thinking of hair removal by laser…
  • If you have heard of laser remodelling and photorejuvenation
  • If you would like to get rid of pigmented spots or a tattoo
  • If you suffer from acne, acne scars, couperose, erythrosis or spider veins
  • cellulite annoys you ?
  • You are interested by body contouring and skin tightening ?
  • To make an initial appointment and receive a free estimate from one of the Centre’s doctors, all you need to do is call 01 53 10 10 01.

    The Centre Laser Sorbonne is easily accessible and is open all day from Monday to Saturday.