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Treatment Prices

It is indeed easy to become confused by the various prices offered for laser treatments, and especially for hair removal.
You should understand that prices are freely determined by practitioners of esthetic care. Here are a few guidelines to explain the differences.


Different categories of lasers are available on the market. Their prices vary considerably, depending on their age, power and level of safety and comfort for the patient. The latter is especially significant where cooling and protection of the epidermis are concerned. The most recent hair-removal equipment features a protection system based on the continuous pulsing of very cold air, obviating the need to apply a gel (which is as unpleasant for the practitioner as it is for the patient!).

In France only doctors are authorized to use high-performance Class-4 lasers. Other practitioners are restricted to the use of less-powerful lasers, which are naturally less effective.

Flashlamps (IPL) are not lasers and thus at present do not come under the local medical regulations concerning laser safety. They are nevertheless potentially dangerous in the hands of unskilled practitioners. Among the flashlamps available on the market, there are some inexpensive examples whose safety level is often questionable, especially in regard to intensity and cooling control. Laser equipment is highly sensitive to wear and tear, depending on how it is handled and maintained and whether it is moved from one office to another.

Just as a passenger feels safer flying with an airline that offers new, well-maintained planes and good pilots, a patient should want to make sure of the quality and maintenance level of the equipment, and also of the practitioners’ skill.

The Practitioner

Your first appointment at the Centre Laser Sorbonne will be with the same doctor who will treat you. This consultation will vary in length depending on your questions and whatever test that the doctor may judge necessary.

He or she will be sure to give you an estimate with an informed consent form. This document specifies the number of the practitioner’s listing with the Ordre des Médecins, as well as his professional insurance number.

During this laser information session, the doctor will also have the opportunity to perform a laser test-with your consent-in order to check your reactions to the lasers he or she plans to use.

Whatever centre you visit, ask the practitioner who receives you if he or she will treat you personally or delegate the procedure to an assistant.

An experienced practitioner with a degree in medical lasers and an optimal mastery of the entire laser platform may charge a slightly higher price for each session, but his or her experience will often achieve results in fewer sessions.

In addition, the practitioner’s dexterity, experience and skill in determining parameters minimize the risk of side effects. Likewise, when the practitioner makes a point of taking the necessary time at treatment, this will avoid creating the "missing spots" not swept by the laser beam that could require additional sessions.

The Premises

Air conditioning and effective air circulation at the premises ensure good hygiene and comfort for the patient as well as the doctor. This is an important element in the overall quality of the care offered, considering that a laser can raise the temperature of a room by several degrees in a few minutes! Likewise, medical "daylight-type" lighting is an additional factor that contributes to the quality of the medical procedure.

Session Price versus Treatment Price

It should be clear by now that the practitioner’s medical experience and the quality of the equipment and premises are all determining factors in the prices charged. This does not mean, however, that a treatment performed by a doctor specialized in laser technology using state-of-the-art equipment will necessarily result in extra cost, especially when one takes into account the total price of the treatment (the cost of each session multiplied by the number of sessions necessary to eliminate the bulbs of the hairs in their growth phase).

A few examples of prices for a hair-removal session charged by the Centre Laser Sorbonne

Laser treatments are never delegated to assistants at the Centre Laser Sorbonne. You will always be treated by the same doctor who receives you at your initial visit.

Women :
- Lower legs + bikini or underarms = 375 €
- upper lip + chin = 130 €,
- bikini + underarms = 215 €

Men :
- Entire legs = 490 €
- upper back = 236 €
- lower back = 120 €
- buttocks = 160 €
- back of neck = 120 €

Since hair removal can be performed on any part of the body, you may contact us at
+33 (0)1 53 10 10 01 for the price of the area that concerns you. You will be given an appointment and an estimate without any obligation on your part.

Prices of Other Laser Treatments

The prices of other laser treatments performed by the doctors of the Centre Laser Sorbonne are indicated on the appropriate pages (couperose, spider veins, pigmented spots, tattoo removal, remodeling, photorejuvenation, acne... ).